Kto boi się antyrelatywistów / Who fears of antirelativists

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Wdniu 20.09.2007 wystapilem na ww. forum

inicjujac ponizszy watek:
Cosmology needs radical reconstruction
… because is based on false hypotheses. The false hypotheses gave birth to false theories. And all this mess is caused due to lack of imagination of what time is. Contemporary Cosmology is abundant in myths that became rooted over 100 years ago and is unable to perform a baby’s step forward. All in all, so called Relativity should be moved to the landfill of history without any further delay in order to make giant leap in science. I keep trying to clarify it since February 2005 on various forums – unfortunately futile. At the same time I’d like to stress that I am not slighting scientists, on the contrary, they are owed respect in spite of their mistakes, however criticisms should always be severe and mistakes openly discussed. Science is not a taboo, reserved only for scientists. Science must be free from mendaciousness. Relativity is treated as holy cow. It resembles a religion or party. Those who don’t agree with Relativity are treated as iconoclasts. I’d like to stress strongly, that Relativity is based on hypotheses and theories which cannot be considered as laws of physics as long as they remain hypotheses and theories. Let’s start from 2 major myths connected with time, i.e. alleged relativity and its dilation. As scientists cannot comprehend what time is, they have carried out costly experiments and squandered money for confirmation of the alleged dilation of time (e.g. experiment with caesium clocks). Time doesn’t contain an ounce of mysticism. The abstract idea “time” is the basic one and there is no possibility to define it not to adducing it. That means we can define time by means of synonyms only. I am setting aside its colloquial and convenient ambiguities. What, therefore, time is? Time is the motion of anything in relation to anything. Also: Time is the motion of any form of matter in relation to any form of matter. As you can see, you cannot slow down its motion, because time is not a body and spontaneously doesn’t exists. Any questions?

Andrzej Lechowski


Watek utrzymal sie ok. godziny i zdazyly go w tym czasie przeczytac 32 osoby, bez odpowiedzi nan. W zwiazku z powyzszym chcialem przejsc do dalszego omawiania tematu, az tu, po próbie zalogowania sie, otrzymalem ponizszy komunikat: You have been banned for the following reason:

Bitter crackpot

Date the ban will be lifted: Never


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Hi John,

Yesterday (July 14, 2008) I became a member of your science community for just a couple of minutes. Encouraged by your welcoming message: “Hello niebieskieucho,  It seems that you have never posted in the science section of ScienceForums before! Why not make your first science-related post today and become an active part of our science community? “

1) I had sent in response science-related post “Cosmology needs changes”(please note that I am not questioning science, only scientific hypotheses! And it is not prohibited. Do you see the difference?). If it was not science-related post, kindly inform me where you see discrepancy.

2) I have noticed, that the information pertaining to my post was: “moved” but without indication of its address whereas my post was probably cancelled.

3) We do not live in the Middle Ages. You have removed my posts lawlessly and wrongfully, because it’s not in line with Relativity (please note, still theory!).

4) There is a post on your forum titled: “Do you have a new cosmology theory?”. If disputants would present only theories concordant to ones officially accepted by scientists, there is no sense to participate in such discussions as they would bring nothing new.

5) I am ready to discuss my theses with anybody.

6) As the reason of my ban, you informed me:

“You do not have permission to access the forums, because you are $until. $vboptions[bbtitle] Team Log Out Home” Could you please use normal letters instead of currency symbols and incomprehensible words?

7) Purpose of every forum is to present own point of view otherwise there is no use to conduct futile disputes. I am looking forward or even forwarder to your reply as soon as possible but possibly sooner, if possible of course.



Odpowiedzi nie dostalem po dzis dzien.


3. http://astro4u.net

Astronomia Amatorska do mnie

administrator. z Astronomia Amatorska wlasnie wyslal do ciebie wiadomosc.

UWAGA: To jest tylko powiadomienie, nie odpowiadaj na ten email.

Wyslana wiadomosc brzmi:

Po raz kolejny zwracam uwage, ze to jest powazne forum astronomiczne. Zwracamy szczegolna uwage na merytorycznosc postow. Jezeli nadal bedziesz sie upierac i przemycac na forum swoje pseudonaukowe madrosci, dostaniesz bana.


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